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Canada Sensors manufactures advanced “SMART” Pressure and Liquid Level Transmitters that offer HART™ Communication Protocol which are also available in General Purpose and Intrinsically Safe models.

Our intelligent transmitters bring advanced technology to the pressure transmitter and related instrumentation market-place with self-diagnostic features which maintain consistent accuracy throughout temperature and pressure scales.

CST intelligent transmitters achieve higher process efficiencies, consistent accuracy, reliability and safety while improving costs, ease of installation and reduction in maintenance.

We are proud to offer advanced technology and improved performance to our valued customers!

No Drift  No Setup

They Just Work

SMART” Through and Through


“High Reliability”

The CST manufacturing lab in Victoria, BC Canada has the most up-to-date and automated assembly and testing processes available today.

With superior products, excellent customer service and a “make it happen attitude”, Canada Sensors Technology Inc. is committed to becoming your premier supplier of pressure and level transmitters.